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We Offer Non-Surgical Relief for Neck and Back Pain.


Our Approach

Located right in the heart of Redmond, Oregon, Redmond Wellness and Chiropractic is your go-to destination for holistic health solutions. Our approach is rooted in understanding the intricate balance of the human body, especially the nervous system. By pinpointing areas of spinal dysfunction, we offer natural remedies to rejuvenate your health, boost your energy, and enhance your vitality.

Dr. Adam Mazzaferro, a respected chiropractor in Redmond, combines years of expertise with a passion for wellness. He's dedicated to not just treating symptoms but educating patients on the foundational principles of chiropractic care. At Redmond Wellness and Chiropractic, our mission is to empower you with better health and a revitalized way of living, making us the top choice for chiropractic wellness in Redmond, Oregon.

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We provide holistic health solutions tailored to your needs. From chiropractic care and auto injury programs to stress management and nutrition guidance, we've got you covered.

Meet Our Team

Curated Care for You


Dr. Adam Mazzaferro


Dr. Mazzaferro pursued his Doctor of Chiropractic at the University of Western States in Portland, complemented by a master's in Sports Medicine and an internship at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Spokane. He integrates Graston Technique with chiropractic adjustments for enhanced patient outcomes.

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Dr. Sarah Allen


With a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and certifications in various holistic therapies, she specializes in autoimmune conditions and musculoskeletal pain. Outside her practice in Oregon, Dr. Allen enjoys travel, adventure, and outdoor activities.

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